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Transmission Fluid Shell LA-2634 - 20L Canister

Transmission Fluid Shell LA-2634 - 20L Canister
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Part Number : S671 090 149
Weight: 22.00 lbs

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Part description - usage
Shell LA-2634 - S671 090 149  20L canister.
The transmission fluid is used for the following transmission applications.

 ZF designation ZF Part #'s - where used ... Notes
 5HP30 1055 000 010/011/029/030 017/026/027/028/031/032/039/040 use
 Lifeguardfluid5 (Esso LT 71141)

Warning: use of incorrect fluid can cause transmission failure. Check the where used column for applicable transmission part numbers. Don't use on transmissions in the Notes column.

The ZF transmission part number can be found on the type plate. See example below.

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